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My favorite blogger quit this morning.

“PittGirl” decided to pack-up and leave The Burgh Blog behind, with everyone’s favorite butler, Woy, breaking the sad news.

I’m still trying to process that I won’t be able to check it off my daily must-read blogs. In fact, it was the first feed I’d read out of all 50 million subscriptions. PG had this gift. Whether it was making me laugh hysterically over the antics of her self-united husbands or making me want to cry with her thoughts about people with cancer, I knew that the woman could tell a story. Boy, could she tell a story.

It was through these stories that I began to understand more about this city. I’m a transplant from South Jersey. I still don’t get things, but I feel that reading her blog helped me with the transition and I became comfortable enough to eventually call myself a Pittsburgher. As cheesy as it sounds, she made every day just a little bit better. She wrote about all of the good and bad in this city and through that, you could tell she dearly loved it at its best and worst.

She had the guts to say what many of us think, but might be afraid to say without facing repercussions. It was therefore understandable why she chose anonymity while constructing this community. I may never know who she really is, but I feel like she is the kind of person you could just be friends with instantly, knocking back a few Zimas and prattling on about the Steelers, that pigeons are indeed Satan’s winged Earth army (step off, PETA), and everything else.

It’s my honest opinion that both she and The Burgh Blog are one of the great treasures this city has to offer.

Thanks, PG, for the memories. I know we all hope you’ll return in some capacity one day. You may love Pittsburgh, but don’t forget that Pittsburgh loves you, too.

*pours Zima on the asphalt and stomps a pigeon in remembrance*

Forsooth, yo.


For those who have no idea who the heck PittGirl is, I can refer you to this lovely article in Pittsburgh magazine. It really can’t begin to describe the woman behind the blog. If you never had the opportunity to read her thoughts, you truly missed out.


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