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So, if you haven’t heard by now: Britney is divorcing Kevin.

Not like this is real news so much. I’m not so much a fan of either, but if Spears is serious about rekindling her career, it is the right moment to shed anything and everything that is unsightly (read: baby weight and Kevin Federline) or a hiderance to performing (read: baby weight and Kevin Federline).

Last night, she made an appearance on Letterman showing off her slimmed down figure. Today, we read she filed for divorce. What next? A reunion with ex-flame Justin Timberlake? Real singing lessons?
I was reading around on a few gossip boards. Someone suggested that this is all a publicity stunt to help boost Federline’s sagging record sales. Well, I don’t know who would buy a talentless rapper’s album just because he’s getting a divorce from a high-profile celebrity, but while the poster’s suggestion is more than likely wrong, the idea isn’t totally improbable.

Could you imagine if this was all just a big publicity stunt? I couldn’t even begin to fathom how much of a fiasco this would be for her PR camp. They’d really have some ‘splaining to do. (Yes, I just quoted Desi Arnaz, again).

Yes, Britney seems to be on her way again. As long as her PR people advise her not to do anything stupid or draw excessive attention to herself, she’ll be OK. Don’t fret for Kevin, however. The tell-all book will be out in two weeks and I’m sure this rumored sex tape will be on its heels. Ha!

Edit: 12/1

Ah, I forgot to mention this tidbit – I was spot on about the sex tape release threat. What a sleeze. I’m still waiting for the book deal. He’ll be desparate for cash, so I wouldn’t count that out just yet.

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Time Out

I just wanted to apologize if I offended anyone with posts or comments I have made here or elsewhere.

I suppose I’m a little too passionate about certain things and once my emotions get a hold of what I’m thinking about, it’s not always a good thing. Things can and will be taken out of context and I’d rather not have everyone in the industry mad at me for an off-the-cuff remark I made.

That being said, I’ll be good. I promise. 🙂

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